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One new bird joins the flock! We’ve just launched @MinutePostDigg - a specialized port of Minutepost that serves stories trending on Digg. 

Archer Communications is a film production house based out of Bangalore. The name Archer plays with two very obvious meanings. One, the concept of ‘shooting’ with a bow or, in this case a ‘camera’. Two, the idea of ensuring that you hit the target with your arrow or ‘message’. The logo designed for them is simple and edits the letters forms to play on these two meanings.

The VA identity was also extended onto their stationery. We used the distinct colours to create a bold and contemporary look for their communication collateral.

Venkataramanan Associates is one of the better known architects in India. The company was looking to gain more visibility and re-position themselves as a contemporary, design driven business. We responded with the concept of ‘New Dimensions’ - standing for the new avenues VA is exploring whilst adding to their older expertise.

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Borderless Website Screenshot

As part of our kitchen projects program, we’ve floated an experimental type and graphic lab. Aptly we’ve chosen to call it the Borderless Media Lab. The identity is a word-mark that was created using lines that never physically connect.

The Minute Post started as one of our kitchen projects. The name was a pun on large newspapers like the Washington Post. The word ‘Minute’ is a homonym that means both a period of time and the idea of something being small. The word ‘Post’ is today synonymous with the idea of an article published on a website or blog.

The goal was to scan the internet and give a user the latest news from the best news source. Every noteworthy event is automatically picked and linked to the best article - be it from Mashable, the Wall Street Journal or Al Jazeera. We’ve got big plans for this project and have some plans for further expansion.

Follow the MinutePost World account! @minutepost

We really deserve a pat on the back for this one. Wink is the proud creator of the first twitter based newspaper - The Minutepost. A clever little set of codes, designed to aggregate and publish breaking headlines and trending real-time news.

We were commissioned to do report Design for a Sector Study on Social Enterprises. This was compiled by Intellecap - a consulting firm that helps build and scale models for enterprises dedicated to social and environmental change.

We also designed stationery collaterals for Metaform.

Identity Design for the design house of Venkataramanan Associates; Metaform aims to be a multidisciplinary studio with their roots in architecture.

Imagine being handed 500 Bucks during your next visit to the mall! Flipkart commissioned Wink to design a flier to promote their new offer for music and ebooks worth Rs 500/-. We presented this idea for the design with the aim to awe, inspire and engage the target audience. Admit it, you wouldn’t throw away a 500 rupee note without first looking at it.

Brochure Designs for Cherysh - a non-profit organization working toward improving education, skills training and livelihood of women and girl children in India. These collateral were designed with the purpose of garnering more voluntary and financial support for the organization.

Alliance Française de Bangalore’s Newsletter Design for October 2012.

Shankara Logo